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13th  annual

black  issues


INDUSTRY: Higher Education, Diversity

LOCATION: Knoxville, TN

DELIVERABLES: Presentation Deck Graphic Design

The purpose of this conference is to offer a forum for research and discussion of issues affecting the African American community. The Black Issues Conference features an outstanding keynote speaker and workshops. 

I had the pleasure attending the 13th Annual Black Issues Conference as a motivational speaker, hence, I was prompted to create a presentation based on the theme,"A Dream Affirmed: From the Past to the Present".

The Presentation : This is My Campus,Too


“Is this where I am suppose to be?” Throughout history, there are various examples of the structural challenges and under representation that Black women have faced within institutions of higher learning. Frequently, Black women are faced with a feeling of displacement at predominantly white institutions (PWIs) more heavily than their male counterparts. This realization ultimately leaves us with the daunting questions of “Where Do I Fit In?” and “Do I Fit In?” However, this presentation will not only introduce these obstacles encountered by Black women at PWIs, but give our power back.

“This is my campus, too” will examine how Black women can healthily survive and thrive at any PWI with their cultural identity, and their edges intact! When discussing this topic, the conversation will explore the boundaries of the Black female’s PWI experience with some key focuses will be on by discussing: mental health, tokenism, and self-care and motivation.

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